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Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are confronting a significant change driven by technology innovation and expanding interest for new mobile network use cases, and new classes of intelligent devices. This change is moving the service delivery model and driving MNOs to put resources into modernizing infrastructure to more readily bolster expanded volumes of information, and rich content, and include new intelligent utilization models.

This infrastructure transformation is driving by a couple of fundamental shifts in network scale, including an increase in the total bandwidth available to each device, expanded capacity to accommodate the number of devices on the network at any given moment.

Our team is ready to lead the industry

Towards open, interoperable interfaces, RAN virtualization, big data and AI enabling intelligence and Maximizing the use of common-off-the-shelf hardware and minimizing proprietary hardware.

We virtualize the RAN by replacing and disaggregating current proprietary custom hardware and software, which does not have the right economics, scalability, and performance required for 5G deployments.

We open the RAN by using an open software stack running on standard architecture servers.

We offer automation/unification

We offer automation as a must-have to manage scale, availability, and performance of a large number of endpoints as well as subscribers and content delivery systems. We rapidly scale the network with the most efficient utilization of the hardware.

We offer a Unified Configuration Management System which is integrated with existing multi-vendor and multi-protocol networks and network management systems, network modelling, planning and simulation requirements, to provide pro-active assurance, rapid troubleshooting, network scalability and trend analysis.