Law & Legal Firms

Advocate Office Manager

Advocate Office Manager [A.O.M] is a legal firm management system with complete user customization and services add-ons. A.O.M provides complete legal and resource management with office management including HR management, Accounting Management and Task Management.

The services in A.O.M includes

  • Case management
  • Case profiling / Case studies
  • HR management
  • User / Client management
  • Account management
  • Document management [cases]
  • Task / Agenda management
  • User profiles and access

The A.O.M system also provides add-on services according to the user/client requirements; such as payment gateways, calendar and e-mail integration, etc. With a simplified user interface and being a cloud solution, A.O.M reduces the expenses of maintaining servers and hardware as well as availability all around the globe. According to the client requirements, A.O.M services are customized in accordance with regional law practices and mandatory legal requirements.


With ECC’s e-Marketing services, the law firms can excel on their online marketing and publications; reaching new clients and showcasing the legal service excellence throughout all digital marketing platforms. ECC e-Marketing services include social media marketing and management, online reputation management, online ads and digital marketing campaigns. ECC e-Marketing services for legal firms also include SMS marketing with operator validated and filtered numbers, e-mail marketing with filtered according to geography, user personas, social media campaigns, SEO and Pushm@il [a sophisticated email campaign solution with easy to use and database management system].

Digital Media

With the team of highly experienced content developers and talented graphic designers, ECC guarantees on delivering industry trending and customer targeted digital media, which will empower the legal firm in displaying their service proficiency through all publications, digital media and organization identity documents. The digital media of ECC includes website UI development, UI design, Video production, developing newsletters and articles for publications, posters, Corporate identity and branding.

Web Development

ECC designs, develop and deploy dynamic as well as completely customized websites with most competitive pricing in the region; delivering high-performance website by implementing technologies like PHP/MySQL, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, HTML5, Drupal, etc. with creative UI and optimized UX web designs. ECC web development services include dynamic website development, web application and customized solution integrations, e-commerce websites and static website development.
By combining the ECC hosting services and ECC websites, you will have the guaranteed website uptime of 99.9% with 24*7 customer support.