Restaurant & Entertainment Industry

POS / Ticket System

ECC POS / Ticket System is a highly customizable point-of-sale platform designed for the restaurants and entertainment industry, with the flexibility as well as possibilities of integrations with international and local POS hardware, online connectivity and industry utilities. The system has user-friendly interface with enhanced user experience, workflow assignments, multiple report generations, privilege monitoring and assignments.
The system flexibility and low system processing requirements helps the POS system to be implemented with ease and no complications. The ECC POS system is available as online service, providing an ease access and portable POS solution with no purchases or recurring upgrade costs.


ECC e-Marketing is a highly customized and consultation service, guaranteeing the best ROI possible with highest customer reach as well as lead generation through result-oriented e-Marketing solutions and practices. ECC e-Marketing services includes but not limited to social media platforms, SMS and e-Mail marketing, search engine marketing, online display marketing, online events and related services. ECC SMS and e-Mail marketing services are provided with filtered and authenticated database and spam-controlled solution.
ECC upgrades all websites to excel in the online domain through SEO services and e-Marketing, so that the client can reach his clients with high lead generation, high return of investment and low-cost expenses.

Digital Media

ECC digital media services helps the client in achieving and showcasing their services as well as service portfolio at its highest quality and market trends. ECC digital media services includes website designs, website content development, UI and online visual designs, video and graphic productions, social media content & graphics development, etc. ECC has been on the entertainment industry for more than a decade and understands the industry trends, the audience and lead generations, creates media for marketing and publications, portfolios as well as marketing collaterals; which all highlight your brand and business from your competitors and industry.

Customized Solutions

ECC has been developing and providing customized solutions developed according to client’s requests, requirements and business needs. ECC customized solutions are developed by integrating multiple software solutions, hardware and with customized UI & UX accordingly.
ECC customized solutions includes payment gateways which are one of the most secured online payment solutions approved by regional and international authorities; and with the possibility of integration with various software, hardware and solutions.
ECC digital signages are highly customized signage solution, with design possibility as per the clients and high portability and hardware / integration / connectivity possibilities. ECC Digital Signage has connectivity options with media recorders, mobile devices, online streaming and cable connectivity. Customization and integration enable the client to achieve the digital signage configuration as required.