Hospital Management System

Sniper Hospital Management System is an all-in-one comprehensive system developed for hospitals, clinics and medical institutions with high customization and add-on features according to the customer requirements and facilities. The Sniper Hospital Management System provides complete management of different departments within the hospital / health clinic institute, including a doctor and human resource management, patient and appointments management, financial management, medicine/pharmacy management, dashboards, customized user profiles and reports.


ECC with the team of highly experienced and digital marketing experts excels your digital reach on all online platforms, focusing on redefining the online business marketing to reach a new audience and business opportunities. e-Marketing helps in publishing campaigns, online awareness programs and medical e-advertisement overall online and social media platforms. ECC e-Marketing services include SMS marketing with operator validated and filtered numbers, e-Mail marketing with filtered according to geography, user personas, social media campaigns, SEO and Pushm@il [a sophisticated email campaign solution with easy to use and database management system].

Customized Solutions

ECC software development team develops and customizes desktop applications and customized solutions; following modernized software development cycle and agile practices. ECC’s application development includes the latest programming languages, high performance and fully integrated solutions, compatibility with several platforms [Windows, Mac, Linux] and rich user interface. ECC also provides Payment Gateway integrations and payment card industry compliances for applications, servers and network connectivity. ECC customized solutions can be integrated with United Arab Emirate [UAE] government health and insurance systems to provide seamless integration and operations.

Standardization & QA

ECC provides industry-leading auditing and standardization services in partnership with Universal Registrars; delivering industry recommended quality certifications for ISO and QA/AC compliances. ECC also provides continuous support on sustaining the standardizations and quality management certification through periodic auditing, assisting internal teams with the compliances and standards.
ECC standardization and services include ISO9001: Quality Management System, ISO14002: Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001: Occupational Health & Safety Management System, ISO13485: Medical Devices Quality Management System and Medical industry related quality compliances. On-site assessments and QA are provided by ECC within the United Arab Emirates [UAE] and middle-east countries, enhancing and accelerating the standardization processes.

Digital Media

ECC team of content developers, copywriters, UI and graphic designers converts your concept into reality with the best industry standard media development and trendsetters. ECC develops content and the artworks, satisfying the customer requirements, technological compliances and market trend. ECC specializes in customized social media content and artworks focusing on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. ECC digital media services include website design, website content development, UI design, video production, social media content & Graphics.

Web Development

With more than a decade of website development expertise and service excellence portfolio, ECC website development service is one of the most approached websites development service with most competitive pricing in the region, as well as 24*7 maintenance & support. ECC implements the latest technologies and creative UI to deliver the best websites in terms of design, technology, feature and usability. ECC web development services include developing dynamic websites, web applications, e-commerce websites and static websites.