ECC provides complete IT and management services, with complete service requirements and compliances with the regional and international regulations and policies. ECC ITSM enables companies and enterprises in achieving cost-effective IT services by delivering complete workflow automation, constant IT service updating and management, introducing and adopting new technologies which reduce IT costs and increased performance.

  • IT services management and maintenance service with the consultation.
  • ITSM software and integrated solution. ECC provides customized solutions for the aviation domain focusing on the industry requirements.
  • Onsite & Offsite ITSM services, including ITSM resource and expertise allocation.
ECC ITSM services help companies in achieving automation and high-level management practices; enabling complete control over the IT assets and its proper management. ECC is the regional provider of ITSM solutions, including JIRA Service Desk and customized ITSM solution developed internally by UCG team.

IT Security & Surveillance System

ECC is one of the partners and facilitator of high-end security systems and surveillance solutions which are being approved and widely used by local and international organizations in the aviation industry. ECC security & surveillance services include providing consultation on the best security and surveillance practices to be followed on IT, enabling procurement in procuring/purchasing security and surveillance hardware and software solutions, development of customized surveillance systems for client requirements and integrations.
ECC IT security audit services include conducting IT security vulnerability testing, consultation on improving the security measures and providing industry related ISO standardizations, QA/QC / compliances in accordance with the regional regulations.
ECC is one of the trusted and most approached procurement facilitators for multiple airports and aviation companies in facilitating security and surveillance hardware including surveillance cameras, media converters, manpower / resources for maintenance of devices, storage units and servers, licenses and purchases of software and solution for media management, monitoring, tracking and backups.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data is the most valued resource in the digital era and ECC provides Business Intelligence & Analytics services in crunching the data into useful information and better decision-making. ECC BI services provide analysis of data and presenting actionable data in the most simplified visual information representation; helping companies in taking better business decisions. ECC is the international partner and resource facilitator of Qlik, Tableau, Power Bi and Customized BI platform. All BI projects of ECC are delivered according to the client requirements and premises as offshore and onsite projects. ECC has a well-experienced team of BI analysts, Bi developers and BI server administrators ready to deployed on-site around the globe.

Business Continuity and Management

All ECC services are focused on enabling the client in excelling their IT and telecommunication domain with the highest proficiency and lowest business disruption. ECC Business Continuity and Risk Management services help organizations in understanding the business risks as well as disruption even before it occurs and take recovery measures to have the least service fall-off and smooth recovery process. ECC works closely with the client in defining the Business Continuity Plan.

  • STAGE 1: Business Impact Analysis
  • STAGE 2: Recovery Strategies
  • STAGE 3: Business Continuity Plan Development
  • STAGE 4: Testing, Training and Exercises
ECC also provides ISO standardization including ISO 22301 and ISO 27000 for the organizations to showcase and implement Business Continuity practices on the premises.

Digital Marketing, Media and PR

ECC team helps all corporates and aviation companies in reaching their targeted clients and user personas with the most effective digital marketing and PR service available in middle-east. ECC Digital Marketing team is full of well experienced and artistic content developers, copywriters, UI and graphic designers; bringing your concept into reality. ECC e-marketing uses all social media and search engine platforms to achieve maximum campaign reach with high ROI. Services of ECC also includes SMS marketing and e-mail marketing with verified, validated and filtered database.
One of the most advantage in having ECC digital marketing service is the flexibility, where ECC consultants help in understanding the client’s digital marketing possibilities and select the platform and campaigns which will have high ROI and targeted user persona reach; all under a competitive pricing.

QA / Standardizations

QA & Standardizations helps organizations in achieving a better business environment and excel their business practices without sacrificing the integrity and quality of service. ECC provides various International standards and corporate compliance assessments without affecting the business or any related services. In partnership with UR ISO [a UK based standardization accreditation body], ECC provides training, auditing and assessments for ISO standardizations such as ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO14001: Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO27001: Information Security Management System, ISO20000: Service Management System, ISO22301: Business Continuity Management, ISO50001: Energy Management System and ISO certifications related to corporate continuity.

Airport IT Automation Systems

ECC has been providing customized and standalone IT solutions and online systems in advancing the aviation industry and the clients in excelling their IT platform with the highest proficiency and cost-effective; as well as upholding the core belief in reducing the carbon footprint. ECC IT automation systems can be integrated with multiple platforms and online solutions, providing complete compatibility and customization.

Feedback Management System

The Feedback Management System is a highly portable and customizable solution in providing customer feedback management service with all service integrations including communication through email, SMS and live chat, social media integrations, workflow automation, archiving and feedback filtering, integration with multiple CRM systems, compatibility with all type of devices and platforms and mainly highly secured system.

Customized Online Flight Plan Portal systems

The Online Flight plan portal system, which is being developed for the Air Navigation services and airports are highly customizable as well as satisfies with the compliances and regulations of the airports and country[s] with its highest quality and proficiency. The system has service features including Flight Plan filling Form, Flight Plan Change Form, Flight Plan Delay / Cancel Form, User and Portfolio Management.
The system customization and security features provide all the airports and aviation companies to have the portal / system service and advance and automate the flight plan management.