Marine Information HUB

Marine Information Hub [MIH] is a global ship tracking and intelligence service, developed for maritime industry and shipping companies providing Fleet Monitoring, Event Tracking, Real-time Analytics, Situational Awareness, Competitor Tracking, Global/Local Supply, Flexible Reporting as well as Data Delivery. MIH is highly customizable with API integration, as well as locally hosted service servers delivering the service with low latency and guaranteed real-time information data delivery.
MIH collects real-time vessel position data from AIS stations all around the world, which includes 3000+active stations, making MIH one of the largest vessels tracking network in the world.
MIH also provides customized and ready to use the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code [IMDG code], which is the internationally accepted guideline for the safe transportation and shipment of dangerous goods. IMDG code is required by all shipping and maritime organizations on handling dangerous goods and its transportation. ECC delivers MIH/IMDG accordingly to the customer required format and training.

Satellite Internet

ECC is of the recognized consultants and provider of UCG Satellite Internet equipment, satellite internet network operators and UCG customized applications for the marine industry. UCG satellite internet provides enterprise level, high-speed uninterrupted data connectivity without any geographical boundaries or regional limitations. According to the industry demands and customer requirements, UCG Satellite internet services are available on different price packages and service activations.

GSM Services

ECC is the regional reseller and service provider of UCG GSM services and International SIM. UCG GSM services are highly stable with guaranteed uninterrupted connectivity. ECC provided UCG GSM services include low-cost sim with international roaming solution, premium quality voice/data connectivity, validated business message service and IOT sim services.