Outsourcing and Training

HR Outsourcing

We are a team of highly experienced and talented IT & HR outsourcing personnel for corporates, government entities and business enterprises; with the highest professionalism, less contracting complexity and fast resource personnel deployments.

Our HR Outsourcing services include permanent recruitments, on-demand staffing and contract staffing without geographical and demographical boundaries; delivering resources and personnel where the requirement and expertise are required.

Our HR Outsourcing services deliver personnel and expertise over telecommunication & networking, Business Intelligence, DevOps, Enterprise Security, Enterprise Architecture, Business Management & Marketing, Banking & Finance.

We provide Employee Deployment service, covering and taking complete responsibility of the employee life-cycle. We have been providing Employee Deployment services for multiple MNC and government entities around the globe.

Through our Employee Deployment service, all the legal processing and employee requirements are managed and provided by us, All the personnel and IT resources are certified and highly experienced in their experience portfolio, guaranteeing the professionalism and integrity of the business and corporate.

Professional Training

We create an ideal business environment, where all personnel and human resources are well excelled on their job profile with adequate knowledge on the solutions and services which benefits the organization as well as career advancement.

Our training services are specially developed educational packages for corporates and personnel to excel in their business environment and adapt to new technologies as well as IT services.

Business and Management Training

Our Business and Management training is provided to improve the business practices and management services of corporates as well as personnel. We also help corporations to achieve certifications in order to showcase the alignment of their business efficiency with international standards.

  • Supply Chain Management & Training
  • Human Resource Management & Training
  • Business Communication Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Marketing Training

We develop and provide customized corporate training programs, which are specially developed by studying and understanding the corporate requirement and business practices. Our customized corporate in-house training is provided with high flexibility and with best knowledge transfer practices to achieve maximum training effectiveness.

Standardization & QA training

Standardisation of training empowers individuals to function as a group instead of being alone and gives a fair help to trainees. This may mean separating some instructing, learning and evaluation materials to suit the specific needs of trainees. We help in distinguishing any individual needs and use Technology for standardisation activities.

We ensure that assessment activities have been conducted in a consistent, safe and fair manner.

ICT Solutions Training

Presently like never before, with the expanding multifaceted nature of ICT solutions implies that it is basic to prepare the right stuff and information to guarantee your ICT runs easily delivering positive learning outcomes.

We give a scope of familiarisation classes to help improve staff certainty and effectiveness. our training program is planned for building up a network of certified experts while also giving associations the chance to guarantee that staff are completely prepared and capable to operate ICT products, services and solutions.

Information Technology courses are an astounding decision that helps to advance your profession. Regardless of whether you are looking for professional development, new skill or a new career, we can assist you with turning into a more serious and significant employee with significant abilities.


If you are looking for customized Sitecore training to on-board your content authors and marketers, you’ve come to the right place. Our training is provided by Canada’s leading Sitecore Strategy MVP with over thirty years experience as an instructor, developer, and marketer.

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