Security and Systems Architecture

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the most important aspects in any organization around the globe where data/information is the valued commodity. Security implies to all business modules within an organization, from communication to application, services and business practices. We are an enterprise security service provider with accreditation form international organizations and partner with international security solutions and software.

Our enterprise security solutions are mainly focused on online/digital security software and solutions, auditing, testing and performance monitoring, International Enterprise security standardisation and compliances.

Our enterprise Security services are comprehensive and highly customised to be in tally with the organisation business domain, industry standards and up-to-date security practices.

We are the regional partner of Kaspersky we have also created various tools and security integration solutions to deliver and satisfy all the enterprise security requirement of organisations.

Our enterprise Security Services include:

  • Auditing and assessment automation
  • External Penetration Testing
  • Linux Server Security
  • Software Security Testing
  • Enhance Network Performance / Database Activity monitor
  • Mail Security
  • PCI compliances
  • A/B Testing / Usability Testing

1. Risk Management

ECC Risk Management is a solution service provided by ECC Team to allow organizations and business entities to balance economic and operational costs by defining and complying with protective measures in achieving nominal gains in capability by focusing on protecting data and information systems that support an integral part of organization

ECC Risk Management Services include operational risk management, data-driven solutions, financial crimes, controls integration, ERM strategy through execution, risk modeling, capital management and much

ECC educates and keep up-to-date with current industry occurrence and risk related practices/operations, as well as provides consultation and resource outsourcing in delivering solutions that can help in strengthening the competitive position and enhance the profitability.

ECC Risk Management services provides:

  • Streamlining operating models.
  • Defining and developing security policies in according to the organization demands and business practices.
  • Define, assess and monitor network and server security practices and implementing international standardization compliances.
  • Defining and developing loss prevention and data recovery procedures and practices.
  • Integrate and improve risk and finance functions.
  • Align and assimilate disparate sources of data.
  • Gain greater insight through advanced analytics.

2. Data Management

Understanding the data as the most valued commodity in the digital era, ECC provides sophisticated data and information management services, including enhancing the data value, data security as well as optimization of data and information transfer practices, data validation and integrating application / solutions in achieving optimal data management practices.

ECC Data Management services offer comprehensive solutions across industries in data management and advanced analytics that unlock organizational potential. ECC executes continuous monitoring and delivers insights into the organization strategy and processes, contributing to effective decision-making. ECC focuses on keeping the data authentic by guaranteeing data accuracy and clean; and for that, ECC implements data cleansing or de-duplication solutions as well as quality control checks and any data migration needed.

ECC Data Management services include:

  • Implementing Data Collection processes and practices in accordance with international standardization compliances.
  • Consultation and implementation of Data System Management.
  • Consultation and services on Data Reporting and Analytics.
  • Providing Data Management solutions for data management, sort, filter and achieving.

3. Payment Gateway

ECC services are delivered with the highest security standards and industry compliances. And because of the highest security commitment, ECC payment gateway services are the most reliable and trustworthy online payment service available in the digital market. ECC provides PCI - Payment Card Industry compliances over applications, servers, network connectivity and payment gateway integrated systems. ECC provided UCG-PCI compliance services follow the best security practices not only on payment module but also focusses on the entire system and network security. ECC’s expertise in network security combined with UCG-PCI security standards provides the best-secured ecosystem for payment portals as well as business platforms.


Systems Architecture

We develop security transformation strategies and project plans through a partnership with various disciplines, and review current system security measures, identify weaknesses and recommend enhancements.

We offer supreme Planning and designing of security architecture/solutions by evaluating network security technologies, developing requirements for applications, OS, designing maintainable security solutions including access administration, public key infrastructures [PKIs], data leakage and information protection as well as COTS hardware and software adhering to industry standards and frameworks.

We perfectly Determine security requirements by evaluating business strategies and requirements, researching information security, conducting system security, vulnerability analysis and risk assessments. We Enhance existing design and competence by planning delivery of solutions, teaching improved processes and mentoring team members.

We Assess security threats using structured methodologies such as NIST cybersecurity framework, ADSIC/NESA and ISO27001. Then we Prepare security procedures and associated documentation.

We improve process by identifying inefficiencies and solutions and assure that design has been implemented as per the requirements.

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