Online Education System

The Online Education System is a customizable education and training platform, where all the education institute management can be managed and monitored. The ECC Online Education System has services which helps in excelling the services and management of education institutions, including student management, career management, curriculum management, communication and notification services, backup and archive services, etc. ECC Online Education System streamlines all the education institute management activities through task assignments, reminder, calendar notifications, access privileges, etc.


e-marketing services of ECC for Education institutes and establishments are highly customized and consultation service, with result-oriented e-Marketing solutions and high return of investment social media campaigns. ECC e-Marketing services includes but not limited to social media platforms, SMS and e-Mail marketing, search engine marketing, online display marketing, online events and related services. ECC SMS and e-Mail marketing services are provided with filtered and authenticated database and spam-controlled solution.
ECC SEO services help education institutes to showcase their website at first of search engine results as well as cost efficient SEM campaigns; which helps the educational institutions and establishments to reach their clients with high lead generation, high return of investment and low-cost expenses.

Digital Media

ECC digital media services helps education institutions in creating and showcasing marketing medias and portfolios with best quality and industry trends. ECC digital media services includes website designs, website content development, UI and online visual designs, video and graphic productions, social media content & graphics development, etc. With an understanding of industry trends, the audience and lead generations, ECC creates media for marketing and publications, portfolios as well as marketing collaterals; which all highlight your brand and business from your competitors and industry.

Customized Solutions

ECC has a team of highly talented and industry leading IT solution developers with customized solutions to digitalize and streamline all the services; achieving automation, information and high security IT services for all education institutions and establishments. ECC customized solutions includes Human resource systems, Data management systems, IT security systems and payment gateways, digital signages, online streaming services, etc.

Standardization & QA

ECC guides and provides services in achieving as well maintaining Standardization and QA for the education institution and establishments to excel in their services and maintain the service quality proficiency. ECC provides consultation and resource allocation, as well as team allocation and assignments for the standardization, auditing and on-site readiness inspections, off-site certifications, certification awarding, reviews and standardization renewing.