Project Management

Eagles Communication Consultancy is an industry credited Project Management company in the United Arab Emirates, with years of successful project execution and delivering (closure). The project Management service offered by ECC is a combination of implementing industry proven tools and methodologies with PMP certified project managers and technical team. ECC Project management portfolio is diverse with project management of government entities, Multi-National Companies [MNC], private companies and individual clients.
ECC is well versed with project management methodologies such as agile, hybrid, scrum, etc. which are recommended and required by the client or project. ECC encourages in following and implementing DevOps practices on software development environment and businesses where development and operations co-exist.
ECC time management services help in streamlining the business practices and project management to effectively execute tasks; creating an organized and systematic business environment.

Business Management

ECC business management provides services in managing the business corporates and companies on excelling their services as well as establishing systematic business practices by implementing business intelligence technologies and business management methodologies. ECC business management services are customized according to the client’s business practices and services, and the services implement automated services and solutions to speed up and organize the business executions.
ECC Business Intelligence services focus on organizations to achieve easy and required analysis and analytical processes, big data processing into simplified dashboards, understanding the business and attain business forecasts. ECC uses Business Intelligence tools like Qlik, Tableau, Power BI and proprietary BI solutions in creating the best, scalable and future guaranteed business analytics and intelligence solutions. ECC facilitates resources and experts to work onsite, enabling the client to be related and well acquainted with BI.
ECC is an IT service management [ITSM] provider for government entities, international companies and institutions. The goal of ECC ITSM service is to enable and ensure that the required ITSM processes, manpower expertise and IT services are active and on the assist for our client to achieve business goals.

Standardization & QA

ECC provides industry-leading auditing and standardization services in partnership with Universal Registrars; delivering industry recommended quality certifications for ISO and QA/AC compliances. UR-ISO facilitated Industry leading auditing experts and engineers guarantees in attaining the required standardization and QA in an organized and professional manner with all local & international compliances. ECC also enables individuals to attain ITIL compliances for corporate or project requirements.
ECC ISO standardization includes ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO14001: Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO27001: Information Security Management System, ISO20000: Service Management System, ISO22301: Business Continuity Management, ISO50001: Energy Management System and ISO certifications related to corporate continuity.

Digital Media

ECC helps corporates and businesses in showcasing their services, leading the competition in marketing and industry proficiency though ECC digital media services. ECC team of content developers, copywriters, UI and graphic designers helps the corporates in transcending the concept into reality with the best industry standard media development and trendsetters. ECC digital media services include website design, website content development, UI design, video production, social media content & Graphics.
ECC develops content and the artworks, satisfying the customer requirements, upholding the traditional and regional values, technological compliances and market trend. ECC specializes in customized social media content and artworks focusing on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Web Development

ECC web development services, with more than a decade of website development expertise and service excellence portfolio, is one of the most approached website development services at most competitive pricing in the region, as well as 24*7 maintenance & support.
ECC understands the client requirements and does the web development with the best and latest web technologies, including PHP/MySQL, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, HTML5, Drupal, etc. as well as creative UI in delivering the best websites in terms of design, technology, feature and usability. ECC web development services include developing dynamic websites, web applications, e-commerce websites and static websites.


ECC e-Marketing services are developed and delivered in enabling the corporates and business in effectively do marketing on the digital and e-communication platforms. ECC e-Marketing services are high ROI guaranteed with flexible pricing and packages; enabling our client to select and do e-Marketing according to the budget and targeted marketing domains. ECC e-Marketing services include social media marketing and management, online reputation management, online ads and digital marketing campaigns. ECC e-Marketing services for corporates also include SMS marketing with operator validated and filtered numbers, e-Mail marketing with filtered according to geography, user personas, social media campaigns, SEO and Pushm@il [a sophisticated email campaign solution with easy to use and database management system].
Search Engine Marketing [on GOOGLE, YAHOO BING, YANDEX, BAIDU] is supported by ECC marketing assessment team in defining keywords most suitable in best lead generation or best CPM / CPA. ECC helps corporates and businesses in developing inbound marketing strategies by incorporating digital media and e-Marketing; resulting in a customer-centric e-marketing practice.


For more than a decade, ECC has been excelling business organizations and corporate identity by defining and establishing the brand with market dominance over their business domains. From brand conceptualization to reality, ECC delivers industry favored and business-oriented branding services; enabling the corporates to showcase their brand as their portfolio and outstand in the current business environment. ECC branding services include logo designing, corporate brand identity creation and redesigning, business card designing, publications design and packaging designs. As a corporate business consultant, ECC helps in developing all brand / marketing collaterals, as well as corporate branding guidelines that help in developing future branding collaterals.

Training & Courses

ECC understands that the educated and well-trained personnel advance the corporates in achieving more as well as showcase standard and professionality on their activities; which all benefits the business organizations and corporate activities. ECC is one of the most approached corporate training and courses facilitator in the region, mainly focusing on individuals, corporates and associations achieving the knowledgebase, career advancements and business professionality. ECC training and courses mainly focus on technical training program development, in-house training and business environment development, leadership development training, management training, business & executive coaching, individual and group programs, skill assessments and training.