Distributed Antenna System [DAS]

Wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) will utilize many systems including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) which gives solid and dependable cellular connectivity inside buildings, and this will be significant for guaranteeing accessibility of administrations in the coming years.

We Create the internet of your things with our DAS management software which improves network availability by providing real-time infrastructure status and updates when issues occur.

We provide tools for preventative maintenance which address some performance issues remotely.

Our DAS system gives:

  • A fine-tuning in real-time
  • Consolidation of alarms and key performance and indicators for the entire infrastructure.
  • Isolates and troubleshoots the problem without a site visit.
  • Normalizes warnings from multiple equipment vendors to simplify alarm interpretation
  • Provides sufficient details to fix the problem on the first visit collected.
  • Consolidated data across multiple sites for multiple vendors equipment.

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