Fronthauling and Backhauling

The ongoing utilization of mobile internet, supplemented by the approach of many smart applications, has prompted significant growth in mobile data traffic throughout the recent couple of years. This strikingly growing momentum of mobile traffic, principally because of the rising need of connecting people, machines, and applications in a pervasive way through the mobile infrastructure. Therefore, the current and extended growth of mobile data traffic requires the advancement of (5G) mobile communication technology.

It is imagined that 5G networks will generally be sent for data-centric applications. In this manner, one of the primary contemplations that operators are confronting today is how to move existing backhaul/fronthaul infrastructure toward Internet Protocol (IP)- based solutions for deployment. Besides, the data rates of 5G systems will request an optical backhaul/fronthaul, for example, fibre. Nonetheless, it's far-fetched that fibre will be practical for all installations. Operators will likewise confront deployment restrictions for laying the fibre in many created zones.

Our experts offer you an appealing alternative and possible emergent solution to exploit the interworking and joint design of open-access and backhaul/fronthaul network architecture.

We offer an adaptive and smart backhauling/fronthauling solutions that optimize their operations jointly with the access network optimization. The availability, convergence, and economics of intelligent backhauling/fronthauling systems are the most critical factors in selecting the appropriate backhaul/fronthaul technologies.

We are imperative to analyze the variety of end-to-end backhaul and fronthaul solutions for 5G networks.

We provide several archival papers and special issues on the backhaul/fronthaul and related networking, communication, and signal processing issues that are currently available.

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