SNIPER Systems

They are customer management, billing and support solution for online business, SNIPER MiNi-ERP is used as a standalone customer area portal integrated into your website to allow customers register and manage their accounts and services, make payments and request support.

SNIPER MiNi-ERP is integrated with payment gateways, server configuration APIs, service registrars and fraud protection services to automate the ordering and configuration process fully.

We have more than 15+ years of experience in different ICT products and have acquired the expertise and experience in helping businesses drive transformation projects.

We develop and deploy industry-specific solutions based on Sniper technology. Our expertise in disruptive technologies and innovation help us provide the solutions and services you need to meet the challenges of your industry while gaining that sustainable competitive edge for your business.

Don't just stop here. Contact us and know what qualifies us to work with you to accomplish flexible, cost-effective systems.