Social Media Marketing

1.Social Media Management

Social media has become the main hub of social life for societies worldwide; it offers limitless potential for your brand's expansion to infinite markets. ECC's Social Media Management experts know Social Media platforms methods, behaviour and techniques pretty well by managing your online presence on social media platforms through precise planning of what needs to be created and published by you, in addition to many other unique services enabling you to turn the tide of competition to your favour in any potential market.

Some of our key pointes in social media management

  • Working on multiple platforms at once (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other platforms)
  • Social media content creation and design
  • Social media monitoring and auditing
  • Social media strategy and targeting optimisation
  • Competitor monitoring and analysis

2. Social media paid Campaign Management

Take your company to unlimited horizons with ECC’s skillfully plotted Campaigns. Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to buff your marketing efforts. ECC’s experts know how to do this quite well actually, our teams are well experienced in coordinating and designing well-studied marketing campaigns to achieve your goal, also providing the ability to track and measure the results on multiple platforms, our achievements in this field speak for themselves and the results will surely be impressive.

Our strategy is based on following:

  • Campaign strategy analysis on multiple platforms
  • Wide variety of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TIK Tok and other platforms)
  • Competitor campaign analysis
  • Campaign content creation
  • Campaign effectiveness analysis

3. Community Management

Social Media users must feel the live engagement with your business, and that supports your brand and make them feel closer to your business. ECC’s Community management services and the highly capable social experts can help you build and refine a community between the business customers, employees and partners using a wide range of interaction types. We at ECC know the benefits of creating a community and our teams know how to implement their experience to make the most positive steps necessary in order to reach this goal.

Here is some of what we do:

  • Community content creation and distribution
  • Community moderation and monitoring
  • Community interaction and feedback
  • Community analysis and statistics

4. Social Media Monitoring

Want to know how your brand is talked about and discussed in social media? Want to listen to the opinions of people about your brand, ECC has the tools to do so; our capable teams can collect social mentions and track keywords, hashtags and URLs that your company is interested in by using our most advanced tools with highly experienced teams.

5. Training Services

We don’t just sell your services; we become a family. ECC is committed to keeping your company teams in the complete operating potential to manage the services we deliver through our dealings alongside 24/7 maintenance and customer support, we will give your team the whole crucial training experience required to run everything as smoothly as possible.

What we teach:

  • Teamwork spirit
  • Technical experience
  • Innovative thinking
  • Self-improvement and constant learning
  • Work efficiently under pressure

Don't just stop here. Contact us and know what qualifies us to work with you to accomplish flexible, cost-effective systems.