Graphics and Digital Media

Take your brand to its full potential with ECC’s graphics and digital media services.

ECC’s superior graphics and digital media services will help you get the upper hand in your business, with ECC Creative Teams possibilities become limitless, all our graphics and digital media services are provided with excellence and high quality, ensuring trending your business brand and the values you stand for.

Our experts have a high level of innovative, creative skills and are very capable in providing digital and non-digital graphic designs, enabling you getting access to high-quality, reliable services with astonishing results.

Our experts will look into every little detail in your business and come up with the best strategy to get the precise point across to the targeted audience. ECC digital media team excel in creating and crafting the most engaging digital content whether it is video production, website design, development and UI/UIX design. Also, ECC team is highly talented in utilising the best photography and videography tools in the line of business, besides having a great experience in event organisation. ECC also offers other services which are an essential factor in our strategy to enrich your brand image with a lot of concepts and effective means such as printed ads, brochures, posters, logo design, packaging and business cards. Our success in all these services led us to be the main consultants of 44 Media (U.K.), 971 Media (U.K.) and UCG L.L.C. UAE and many other satisfied clients in graphics and digital media sector. In short, ECC’s teams have passion in what they do and are equipped with the most advanced and cutting-edge tools and software available, guaranteeing to provide all your needs in graphics and digital media design and production.


1- Corporate identity

Captivate your customers in an instant
Want to refine your corporate identity to the highest standards possible?

When potential customers deal with your brand, the corporate identity makes the first impression. This impression will govern the way customers interact with your products, with ECC covering your back there is nothing to worry about. Our teams of highly skilled experts will forge your corporate identity so it tells about the brand's past, present and its vision in the future in a way that possible customers know that this is a special brand they can trust and is worth investing in.

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2- Brand Guidelines

Knowledge is the key to success.

We at ECC don’t just throw services at our customers out of thin air, knowledge about our clients is essential to us. Our specialists will dive into every little detail in your business, brand, products, targeted audience and vision in order to identify our client’s characteristics accurately. This will help us create guidelines and set a road map to perfectly choose the most effective services to promote the client’s products in the most efficient way possible through well studied strategies leading to optimal representation of the brand in the market.

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3- Print Design

Visual communication is an art

Boosting key messages alongside great visual design is an art, which can do wonders in attaining the satisfaction of the customer about your products and services. EEC design experts and copywriters make sure to make the perfect blend captivating your audience. Our products include but not limited to: poster designs, crisp menus with high detailed graphics, brochures designed with elegance and any kind of printed products required. You name it, we deliver.

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4- Packaging design

Get your neat well-designed Packaging right now!

When customers deal with your products, Packaging makes the first and most important impression, a well-designed packaging can go a long way in the satisfaction of the customer about your products, ECC’s teams have a very high taste in designing packages of all sizes and shapes with highly detailed crisp visuals suitable and worthy of your products.

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5- Event Graphics

Every event should be special, with ECC it’s always special

We are experts in event accessories design, we believe that leaving an everlasting impression with the audience is vital in the success of any event. Our talented designers will deliver the most satisfying event accessories like brochures, banners, invitation cards, posters, and every accessory you can think of. Your prestige is our duty and responsibility; we provide it with passion.

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6- Interior Design

Integrate style prestige and brand identity into every little detail.

Interior should be designed hand-in-hand with brand image and personality. We at ECC design customised interior with passion and accuracy to reflect the character of your brand in every little detail from furniture to desk accessories, wall hangings, carpet, painting and even pens. This ensures that the customer feels constant sense of belonging to your brand and deepens the emotional connection between him and your brand.

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Digital Media

1- Website Design

Want a website design that rivals the top-ranked corporations?
ECC is here for you. The corporate website is the headquarters of your online presence. Our teams will make sure that your website looks appealing, immersive and charming to the visitors. ECC will also make sure your website is attractive and feasible due to our user-friendly architecture, search options, menus, navigation options and a lot more characteristics needed to make browsing your site a pleasant and delightful experience, henceforth boosting the conversion rate significantly.

2- Website Content Development

Get an unmatched website content with ECC.
Our expert teams can create any custom content your corporation needs, maximise your content’s visibility on search engine by using high-performance SEO friendly content with well-picked keywords, while maintaining a charming uncluttered illustration for potential customers at the same time, easily customisable to your intended usage and expectations.

3- UI design

A charming user interface in your website is the last touch in refining your online appearance, At ECC our top-class designers can make the most captivating and organised User interface, which ensures your customers are satisfied with the clear, organised and charming illustrations about your products.

Our teams work with innovation to create well-designed interface with user journeys in the site, information architecture and user interfaces, which ensures a pleasant experience of your clients boosting the conversion rate.

4- Video Production

Attraction equals money, use this golden rule to your favour with ECC’s experts
When it comes to making a big impression in a very short amount of time, Video content is the king, moving images have always been and always will be more engaging with the targeted potential customer, they inspire trust and understanding of the brand and leave them with an everlasting impression. Our Creative team excel in all aspects of video content with skilful content planning, storytelling, creative animation, motion, 2D, 3D and video advertising production, all done using the latest, most advanced tools in the field.

5- Social Media Content & Graphics

Spread your influence to millions of potential customers We are in the era of social media, nowadays people socialise online more than ordinary real life, and this what makes it an extremely effective marketing tool, capable of reaching the limitless amount of potential customers, technically speaking: your reach will have no limits with ECC’s highly targeted and creative social media banners which are well designed by our digital creative team, we design a high-quality content suitable for all audience and high-resolution graphics with innovative approach, this will make you very satisfied with the increased web traffic and added sales and exponentially boosted visibility.

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