Software as a Service [SaaS]

We provide SaaS services, databases and applications that allow users to access web browser application, virtually from any device.

We build, install, configure, protect, optimize and provide valuable data insights and performance for critical business application workloads on UCG Cloud or third-party clouds (such as Amazon AWS, Oracle OCI, IBM and Microsoft Azure).

SAP Application Management

We provide flexibility and scalability through cost savings, improved mobility and the freeing up staff resources. Improve agility and speed up time to market.

  • Managed by a delivery team.
  • Improve competitiveness and allow you to better serve your business area.
Oracle Application Management

We lower complexity and cost; we promote faster innovation. Improve security and compliance.

  • Predictably manage the costs and resources of Oracle workloads.
  • Free up IT resources.
Digital Workplace Services

We are building a digital workplace through better and more personalized customer experiences and a shared multi-device employee environment.

  • Work seamlessly in virtual, physical and connected environments.
  • Manage and support all end-user devices through one service.
  • Personalized customer interaction and multi-device collaboration employee environment
Edge Delivery Services

We boost the customer experience of enterprise web applications on all platforms and through dedicated cloud services, we protect against web attack.

  • Deliver the Web quickly, reliably and safely anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Balance workload and reduce infrastructure investment
  • Optimize user experience to maximize the business success rate
  • Strengthen the security of websites and applications

Our Services:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • OS
  • Middleware
  • Runtime
  • Apps
  • Data

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