Platform as a Service [PaaS]

PaaS will eliminate the need for an enterprise to maintain the necessary infrastructure such as hardware and operating systems, and it will enable customers to focus solely on managing and implementing the applications.

PaaS is the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses that usually cannot invest in costly servers and approved operating systems for running them. Start-ups need a smooth, independent emphasis on the goods. PaaS provides them with flexibility and saves their valuable time that they would otherwise have to waste on server maintenance and other relevant items.

We are a leading company in the GCC region which provides services for PaaS growth and introduce PaaS innovation that has brought lots of benefits to the customers.

Our Services:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Virtualization
  • OS
  • Middleware
  • Runtime

Why select us as the provider for your cloud PaaS?

  • ECC is a pioneer in providing PaaS services that are highly safe, reliable and cost-effective.
  • ECC has many customers who use and take advantage of our PaaS services.
  • We have customers from a wide variety of industry and corporate verticals.
  • ECC has knowledge with hundreds with cloud-based PaaS ventures.
  • The ECC has Azure, Google Cloud and EC2 experience.
  • With us you can recruit a developer of your choosing.
  • We have regular reports and analyses.

PaaS becomes a requirement for cloud server hosting of data. PaaS provides so many benefits to the customers as we have just discussed. If you plan on going to PaaS, you should choose ECC's most secure PaaS services to be effective in your company. Please contact us now to learn more.

Don't just stop here. Contact us and know what qualifies us to work with you to accomplish flexible, cost-effective systems.